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Women's Health & Well-Being

We effectively treat women's issues
as stand alone care
or in partnership with your physician.



Oriens Fertility Program
IVF Support

Transitions & Stages

Menopause Transition
Post-menopause wellness

Cycles & Issues

Absent Cycles
Irregular Cycles
Painful Cycles
Heavy or Prolonged Bleeding
Ovarian Cysts
Uterine Fibroids
Ovulation Pain
Yeast Infections
Low Libido


Pain, nausea
Breech & posterior babies
Threatened miscarriage
Labor preparation
Post-partum care


Internal Medicine

Digestive Disorders

Indigestion, Gas & Bloating
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Constipation & Diarrhea
Crohn’s Disease
Ulcerative Colitis


Metabolic & Hormone Balance Issues

Thyroid & Adrenal Imbalances
Metabolic Syndrome
Weight Loss


Immune Competence

Post-chemo & Radiation Recovery
Common Cold
Chronic Congestion
Chronic Cough Autoimmune
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Frequent Infections



Stress Management
High Blood Pressure
Burn Out & Exhaustion
Erratic Energy
Mental Fog
Attention & Memory
Mystery Symptoms &
Vague Un-wellness
A Sense that Life Ought to be Better
Disconnected from Intuition


Headaches & Migraines
Facial Pain

Bell’s Palsy
Chronic PainInjuries
Frozen Shoulder
Muscle Weakness & Twitching
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Back Pain
Strains & Sprains
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Carpal Tunnel
Knee Pain
Plantar Fascitis

Feminine Intelligence at the Center of Your Care

We support women, with results-oriented natural healthcare in all phases of their lives, for all the ways in which women need to be well, and to live well.

At the center of our approach is a principle, explained by the latest medical science and research, and deeply rooted Chinese Medicine:

As women, our bodies and physical health are intimately intertwined
with our life circumstances, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.


When we make these connections and do medicine from this perspective, everything changes!


We reclaim our power to heal and to manifest a more confident,
joy-filled life.


~ Elizabeth Carpenter,
MS, L.Ac.

A New Era for Women

As women, we are living in a new era.  We do more, carry more responsibility, with less time and more at stake.

Too many women suffer feelings of powerlessness over their health and lives.

Conflicting information from doctors, healers, and internet research adds confusion.

Medicine, even natural health treatments, often provide only temporary or partial solutions because they fail to address the web of connections underneath what’s going on.

Our bodies dance a complex tango with our minds, feelings, and outside factors (food, environment, people, events, traumas, etc.) spawning a whole web of effects that we know as our physical health.

What shows up as illness, hormone imbalance, a fuzzy layer of dissatisfaction or fear, overwhelm, exhaustion, etc., always makes perfect sense when we are willing and able to put the picture together. 

That means we need both medical logic, and to listen differently to what our bodies, minds, and hearts are telling us.

As Freud’s famous quote summarizes, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” And we love providing quick fix holistic treatments that work for simple problems.

But now more than ever, women’s health and wellbeing issues are layered and complex.  We need medicine to address our whole picture.

Holistic Healthcare for Women

The approach of this clinic is to first connect the dots between your life and your health and happiness, or sense of well-being and fulfillment, and then to engage medicine from that perspective.  

By putting all your factors on the table, we are able to develop a comprehensive and holistic treatment strategy that brings real change.

Our approach to helping women create real physical and emotional health has developed through extensive clinical experience serving many hundreds of women, consistent study of medical science and integrative medicine, and deep engagement in the alternative healing arts and wisdom teachings.

Solve Puzzle  
Set Strategy  
Treatment & Tools  
Driver’s Seat

Solve the Puzzle

We begin with solving your “why is this happening” puzzle. It’s important for things to make sense. This first step is big, because it often allows you to work through feelings of being out of control, or powerless in the situation. 

We do this by pairing left and right brain analytics.  We begin with a thorough data crunch of your medical reports, health history and other information you provide using medical training and logic.  We lead you also in techniques to tap heart intelligence, body intelligence, and emotional intelligence.

You will make surprising connections between your life story so far, genetics, the different physical symptoms that might appear unrelated, your lifestyle, your perceptions, and emotions.

Set Strategy

Next, we create a “layered” holistic care strategy to cue your body's innate intelligence and self-repair process, and to help you get in the driver’s seat.  Whatever your engagement with biomedicine is, your holistic care strategy will honor it.

Your holistic care strategy will include hands-on treatment (for example, acupuncture), advice (for example, nutrition) and action steps (for example, mind-body techniques to calm you during work). 

The hands-on treatments are corrective.  The advice and action steps help you master items in the “cause” parts of your puzzle.

Treatment &

You will move through a fluid process.  As you heal and change, your holistic care strategy evolves with you.  For example, a new hands-on therapy might be introduced for a new wrinkle or a progress step, or your frequency of care might slow down.

We’re all used to a healthcare model where we are doing one therapy every appointment.

In our approach, you make appointments according to your strategy.  Yet we adapt every single session to respond to where you are in your progress, in real time, selecting and presenting you with the best treatment option given new information.

Our treatment and advice tool bag includes only the therapies we’ve found, through vast clinical experience, to be exceedingly effective:

Your strategy & sessions might include

Bowen Therapy
Stress & Resilience Mentoring
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Meal & Lifestyle Planning
Crystal Healing
Tui Na Massage
Qi Gong Exercises
Breathing Techniques
Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback
Mayan Abdominal Massage
Prenatal Massage
Post-Partum Massage

Driver’s Seat

We each have the ability to feel and live well.  Nature’s blueprint for every one of us includes an instruction set for healing, regardless of what we face right now, what we’ve been through in the past, and our genetic inheritance.  There is always the possibility of healing, of better.

“Oriens” is a latin root. It means to orient oneself toward the rising sun, a new day.

“Living” implies all of you, your every day, your short and long game.

You have a mission with your family, career, community or calling. 

Our mission is to help you reclaim and create real physical and emotional health for the fulfilling, authentic life that allows you to live it.