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The Oriens Fertility Program

Elizabeth Carpenter's proven approach
to treating infertility

"When I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Syndrome my hopes for having a baby were shattered. 

With an FSH of 134, I had almost no chance of conceiving naturally. 

After many tears, I found Elizabeth who restored my faith and body. 

With acupuncture, herbs, vitamins and a new diet plan, I floored my RE. who stood in amazement as we saw a little heart beating on the ultrasound screen.

Without the need for a donor egg and IVF…I was pregnant!  

As I now hold my little girl in my arms, I will be eternally grateful to Elizabeth." 


-Rocio Cota-Solar, PT, DPT


Comprehensive & Holistic

The Oriens Fertility Program prepares patients thoroughly for natural conception or assisted reproduction (IUI, IVF, egg or embryo banking, FET, etc.).


Research Study Affirms
the Oriens Fertility Program Methodology

Using live birth rates as the measure, a retrospective cohort study of 1231 IVF fresh cycle transfers examined a Chinese medicine based layered therapy approach nearly identical to the Oriens Fertility Program, in combination with IVF.

Results: 61.8% success rate in that group, compared with 48.2% success in the IVF only group, and 50.8% success in the IVF plus two standardized acupuncture treatments at embryo transfer group. (1)


East-West Integrative Care

We treat the causes of infertility naturally, and in partnership with physicians.

The Oriens Fertility Program is an integrative medicine approach in which your case is conferenced seamlessly between your Oriens therapists. Your GYN, RE or any other member of your care team may participate.  Case conferencing keeps all your team members on the same page and up to date on your progress.

If you are cycling with your RE, your Oriens care will respond to your procedure reports, monitoring values and ART plan, adapting your holistic medicine plan to support your biomedical process.


Who We Treat

The uncommonly successful layered care approach of Elizabeth Carpenter, MS, L.Ac. has helped hundreds of women conceive and carry healthy pregnancies. 

Each year the Oriens Fertility Program helps dozens of women become mothers who have previously failed IVF, been placed in the <1% statistical category,  not fallen pregnant through basic acupuncture for infertility or other natural approaches.


Uncommon Success With

Unexplained Infertility
Auto-immune Infertility

Hormone Imbalance
Luteal Phase Defect
Ovarian Cysts
Pelvic Adhesions
Polycystic Ovaries

Poor Responders to IVF
Premature Ovarian Failure or Syndrome
Recurring Miscarriage
Secondary Infertility
Uterine Fibroids


Specialty in Advanced Maternal Age Infertility

Poor Egg Quality  Read Improving Egg Quality
Diminished Ovarian Reserve

High FSH
Thin Uterine Lining  Read article

Detail on the Oriens Fertility Program

Research-based, effective alternative medicine fertility enhancement strategies are combined into a patient-specific treatment plan for each woman or couple.

Which strategies will be in your unique treatment plan?  Careful examination plus your biomedical infertility diagnosis, your Chinese medicine diagnosis, your timeline, and successful outcomes of other infertility patients with similar cases in our clinic in the past will all contribute to how The Oriens Fertility Program is adapted to serve you best.

In addition to in-office treatment and nutrition, the emphasis is on navigating the stress of infertility.  Many patients worry about age, feel tremendous pressure, and feel their fertility focus has taken over too much of their lives.

Therefore, the Oriens Fertility Program offers mind-body tools to help you feel both proactive and calm as you engage your process.

Your in-office care also teaches self-care techniques and easy fertility lifestyle strategies to use at home and to integrate into your everyday life.

After you conceive, the Oriens Fertility Program automatically converts into a Well-Pregnancy Program.  Your care plan shifts accordingly.

Special Note for Advanced Maternal Age Patients

Rather than viewing age as a liability, we harness the assets of maturity to maximize remaining reproductive potential.  

The challenge for these patients is that issues causing infertility that may have been straightforward to resolve early on, are now compounded by both age and stress.  Some of their core issues include decreased blood flow to the ovaries and reproductive organs, increased cortisol,  decreased DHEA, brain-reproductive signaling issues, decreased nutrition absorption, subtle or overt hyper-immune responses and reduced VEGF.

We have found that most of these issues are amenable to treatment.  We welcome advanced maternal age patients.  One of the great delights at Oriens is the number of advanced maternal age who get pregnant naturally because most of these patients have been told they need donor eggs. 

As the College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (UK)  reminds us, “A woman is fully capable of conceiving with her own eggs until she has been in menopause and without a period for one year.”

(1)  Lee E. Hullender Rubin, et al., Impact of whole systems traditional Chinese medicine on in vitro fertilization outcomes, Reproductive BioMedicine Online (2015), doi: 10.1016/j.rbmo.2015.02.00

* Oriens treatments and programs integrate well with biomedical care. Energy medicine and mind-body practices are not a replacement for care and monitoring from your physician.