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Schedule a Complimentary Consult with Elizabeth Carpenter, MS, L.Ac.   SCHEDULE

I cannot say enough good things about Elizabeth Carpenter and Oriens. 
All of her staff are sweet and helpful. You will not find more attention to your case than at Oriens. 
Elizabeth knows the best doctors and her acupuncture is very different from other acupuncturists  - Danielle G.
We provide effective holistic healthcare, and deliver it with sincerity, heart, and a commitment to scientific currency.
By integrating functional medicine and nutritional science principles with alternative but proven healing systems,
such as acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, we are able to help patients get well, stay well,
and take charge of their health and lives.

We call it Next Level Healing
Serving New York City since 1998.  And introducing Telemedicine services in 2016.