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Holistic Healthcare for Women
Creating physical and emotional health for fulfilling, authentic lives


Elizabeth Carpenter, MS., L.Ac.
Women's Health Expert, Wellness Speaker, Teacher


"As women our bodies and physical health are intimately intertwined with our
 life circumstances,  emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

When we make these connections, and do medicine from this perspective, everything changes. 

We reclaim our power to heal and to manifest a more confident, joy-filled life."

A New Era for Women

We navigate more responsibilities, with less time, and more at stake.

It’s No Surprise . . .

Our hormones are out of balance.
We struggle with infertility.
We're fatigued, stressed, overwhelmed.
Our immune systems are out whack.
Our digestive systems won’t cooperate.
Anxiety is always lurking one thought away.

Since our bodies and biographies are so closely tied together,
the complexity of women's health challenges in the 21st century makes perfect sense.

Holistic Healthcare for Women

Our left & right brain diagnostics honor your feminine intelligence 

and harness it to develop treatments and solutions that offer 

both quick fixes and deeper healing, for sustainable success.


Your unique strategy will layer treatments & tools.

As you  heal and change, your sessions adapt to support your next steps.  

Our work culls from a variety of holistic, natural health disciplines integrated into the practice over decades:

Acupuncture, Nutrition, Reiki, Meditation, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tui Na, Bowen Therapy,

Mayan Abdominal Massage, HeartMath™ Stress & Resilience Mentoring, Breathing Techniques,

Qi Gong Exercises, Diet & Lifestyle Counseling, Crystal Healing, Prenatal Massage.



As women our brains are wired so we know with both our intellects and our bodies.

Your body messages you through symptoms & problems.

Your emotions are your inner guidance system.



Reclaim your energy.
Conceive & carry a healthy pregnancy.
Live well with autoimmune.
Navigate menopause gracefully.
Take charge of anxiety.
Whatever your goals,we first solve the "why is this happening" puzzle, then develop your customized holistic care strategy to move you toward your desired outcomes.


"Elizabeth Carpenter is at the forefront of blending the concepts of Eastern and Western Medicine. I came to Elizabeth for a concerning medical condition.

My work with her has given me so much more than that.

With her treatment and guidance, I have optimized my health and well-being. The surprise has been a positive mindset and renewed sense of energy.

Elizabeth is a kind compassionate practitioner who has been an ongoing source of inspiration for me."

-Manju Rentala, MD 

" I came to Elizabeth originally for back pain from a yoga injury, but that was only what brought me into her office, not what kept me coming back.

I was also suffering from something equally debilitating - unexplained exhaustion. Her approach to my treatment began with  thorough questions about every aspect of my health and life and full analysis of my blood work.

Elizabeth's understanding of how the body functions, is truly amazing.  She saw my adrenal glands as being the real culprit to what turned out to be dysfunction of both my underperforming thyroid and related hormone levels. Through supplementation, acupuncture and nutritional interventions my adrenal fatigue was successfully addressed and the rest of my body brought into balance. Simultaneously, she addressed my back and my stress, which were intertwined, through Bowen therapy, Naam Philosophy and meditation.

I was introduced to Elizabeth as an acupuncturist, but I feel this barely scratches the surface of who she is and what her practice encompasses."

-Christa Bache, New York

“Elizabeth Carpenter is one of those rare women that stands out as one you can say, ‘I had the great fortune to meet her as a blessing in my life.

Brilliant, compassionate and soulful, Elizabeth is changing the face of women’s health. We have been in the same healing community.

We have attended and co-led retreats together. We’ve learned from each other. But most significantly, I can call her one of the greatest and most honorable names I have to give: my friend.”

– Dr. Randine Lewis, Ph.D., Author, The Infertility Cure

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How Does Acupuncture Work?


“Oh, I believe in acupuncture.”

Sometimes people say this to me conspiratorially, like we’re both confessing to something akin to faith in the tooth fairy and genies.

Sometimes their statement is meant to confirm their position in the billion dollar alternative medicine consumer movement, providing

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