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Holistic Healthcare for Women

Elizabeth Carpenter, MS., L.Ac.
Women's Health Expert, Wellness Speaker, Teacher

"Elizabeth Carpenter is at the forefront of blending the concepts of Eastern and Western Medicine...".

Manju Rentala, MD
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"I was introduced to Elizabeth as an acupuncturist, but I feel this barely scratches the surface of who she is and what her practice encompasses..."

Christa Bache
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"Elizabeth is a WEALTH of knowledge and has been an integral part of my journey toward healing - physically and emotionally..."

Gayle Damiano
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"Brilliant, compassionate and soulful, Elizabeth is changing the face of women’s health. We have co-led retreats together....."

Dr. Randine Lewis, Ph.D.,
Author, The Infertility Cure
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How Can I Help?

As a woman, your physical health was designed by Nature to be intimately intertwined with your life circumstances, thoughts, emotions, & beliefs.  

And you are probably navigating more responsibilities, with less time and more at stake, than ever before.

Since your body and biography are so closely tied together,

It would be no surprise if . . .

Your hormones are out of balance,

You are struggling with infertility,

Your immune system is out whack,

Your digestive system won’t cooperate,

Anxiety is always lurking one thought away.

The key to your breakthrough is to make those connections.

When we do medicine from that perspective, everything changes!

You reclaim your power to heal and to manifest a more confident, joy-filled life.




How We Work Together

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Whatever your concerns, it is likely that Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine will play a central role in your care.  We will tap Chinese Medicine for its tremendous insight and wisdom, pairing it with important principles of medical science and nutrition, to understand and solve the “why” puzzle of your situation.

Acupuncture, with its unparalleled ability to regulate and rebalance many systems at once, and its signature effect of bringing peace and rest, can then be skillfully and strategically applied to your unique situation.

We are known for our east & west, intuitive & data driven, natural & medical integrative approach.  Therefore, depending on your unique case, needs and preferences we will seamlessly integrate other treatments and tools that make sense for you.  Examples include Meditation, Reiki, Crystal Healing (a branch of Classical Chinese Medicine) Diet and Nutrition, Breathing techniques, Stress Management tools, etc.

Solve Your  Puzzle       〉

You will make surprising connections between your life story so far, genetics, the different physical symptoms that might appear unrelated, your lifestyle, your perceptions, and emotions.
Set Your Strategy      〉

Next, we create your “layered” holistic care strategy unique to you.  Your care plan is realistic for your life and based on my success with cases similar to yours in the past.

Whatever your engagement with biomedicine is, your holistic care strategy will honor it.

Treatment & Tools       〉

Your hands-on treatments are corrective.  The advice and action steps help you master items in the “cause” parts of your puzzle.

Both quick fix immediate result and deeper healing, for sustainable success.

Driver’s Seat  

Oriens is a latin root. It means to orient yourself toward the rising sun, begin a new day.

You have a mission with your family, career, community or calling.
Ours is to help you have the physical & emotional health to fund it.





How Does Acupuncture Work?


“Oh, I believe in acupuncture.”

Sometimes people say this to me conspiratorially, like we’re both confessing to something akin to faith in the tooth fairy and genies.

Sometimes their statement is meant to confirm their position in the billion dollar alternative medicine consumer movement, providing... read blog...

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